Kaylee Nocturne





New England School Of Photography 

Professional Photography Program

Boston, Ma 

2013 - 2015





Gallery Seven 

Maynard, Ma

Feb - Mar. 2017



Open Theme

Kushala Sip Coffee House

Stoneham, Ma

July - Dec. 2016



Room For Thought

The Middle Gray Cafe

Brookline, Ma.

Dec. -  Feb.  2016



Second Open Call

Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery

Providence, Ri

Oct.- Nov. 2015



Think Small

Panopticon Gallery

Boston, Ma

Sept. - Dec. 2015



Black & White Grad Exhibit

Studio 308 / Sowa Artists Guild

Boston, Ma

August 2015.



Graduate Exhibition

The Garner Center for Photographic Exhibitions

Boston, Ma

Jun. - Aug. 2015



Student Exhibition

Photographic Resource Center

Boston, Ma

Mar. - Apr.  2015 



New England School Of Photography

Hallway Exhibition

Boston, Ma

2014 - 2015



Your Work Here 2.0

Photographic Resource Center                

Boston, Ma

Nov. - Dec.  2014



Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC and CS6

Proficient understanding of 35mm and 4x5 cameras and Zone System

Digital Printing and Wet Darkroom Printing